Poddavki – a variant of the game of Russian draughts with the opposite goal. The main difference between Poddavki and the standard version of the game is that the player who first gets rid of all his pieces wins the game.

In the Poddavki, the pieces are placed on the checkers board in the same way as in standard game, the rules are also the same. As in normal checkers, there is also an obligation to capture (jumps are mandatory). If a player misses a chance to jump, his opponent has the right to request a move back instead of jumping and capturing the appropriate piece. The player who is the first to get rid of all his pieces or finds himself in a situation in which any move becomes impossible wins.

Poddavki rules


A player wins the game when:

  • He lose all his pieces
  • All his pieces are blocked by the opponent
  • His opponent give up the game.

In addition to the above, there are also possible cases of losing associated with the expiration of playing time on the control clock and when breaking the rules.


A game is considered to be a draw in the following cases:

  • If one of the participants offers a draw, and the other accepts it.
  • If the two players run out of time and it is impossible to know who has expired first.
  • If a player, having at the end of the game three kings against one of the opponent owning the “big road”, and does not capture the opponent’s king with his 15th move.
  • If during 15 moves the players made moves only by the kings, without moving simple pieces and no jumps.
  • If three (or more) times the same position is repeated (the same arrangement of pieces).

Timing control

In Poddavki competitions, the player must respect the time:

  • 45 minutes to play
  • 30 minutes plus 30 seconds for each move made until the end of the game
  • 40 minutes plus 5 seconds until the end of the game

Some times, in competitions, more timing rules may apply, but that do not contradict with the basic rules.