Play Draughts online



Play Draughts online

Draughts or checkers is a board game abstract strategy for two players that can also be played online. The term in fact refers to several games like the international checkers game or the English checkers game.

How to play draughts

The checkerboard is arranged so that the box at the bottom left is of the dark color. Each player places his / her checkers on the dark boxes. Before the start of a game, there are two lines in the middle of the checkerboard that are empty and separate the two sides. It is the whites who start, as with chess , and unlike Othello , or go. the purpose of the draughts game is to capture or immobilize the pieces of your opponent.

Draughts rules


The pawns move on the diagonals , from the player to the opposing player. They only move one square at a time except when there is a catch.

The catch

The socket is mandatory and operates both forward and backward. When a neighboring square on the diagonal is occupied a pawn of the opposing player, and there is a free space behind it, that pawn must be skipped. It is thus taken and removed from the game. This mechanism of taking is also found in a traditional Nepalese game, Bagh Chal . The displaced pawn can capture several pawns from the moment it can be placed on the checkerboard between two catches.


Promotion takes place when a pawn reaches the last row: the latter automatically becomes a king. It is usual to superimpose two pieces to represent a king. However, if a pawn comes to pass over the last row during a multiple take, it becomes a king only if it ends the raid on a promotion square

The king

The king can move in all directions as long as he follows the diagonals. The king takes as the pawn but has the advantage of being able to cross several empty squares. When taking multiple shots, it is forbidden to remove the pieces taken as the cob. They must be removed in the order of the hold once the king has been placed. This point is important because it makes possible the realization of a trap called "Turkish coup", allowing to take the adverse king. Finally, the king can stop, after his last catch, on the box of his choice, provided that he has several free boxes. In the so-called "Checkers" variant played on 64 boxes, the king can move only one square at a time (like a normal pawn) but has the privilege of being able to move, and come back.

Draughts online tutorial (video)

End of the Draughts game

The player lose the game when there are no remaining pieces in play, or if it is his part to play, when all his coins are blocked, that is to say impossible to take or to move. A player may also give up the game if he feels he has no chance of winning, or even of equalizing. There is a void, or a handing-in, that is to say an equality between the players, when one of the players proposes it to his opponent and that the latter accepts it. In the official games, the referee also applies the following rules: There is a tie: