International Draughts Federation

International Draughts Federation

International Draughts Federation (IDF) – an international sports organization devoted to the development of different types of checkers on a 64 squares board in the world.

The International Draughts Federation is engaged in the popularization of draughts, the organization of various international competitions, including the World Championships of draughts-64. It was founded on July 12, 2012 in Balchik, Bulgaria.


In 2018, the following Structure was elected:

  • President – Vladimir Langin (Russia)
  • Vice President – Andrey Agapov (Russia)
  • Vice President – Yunus Aminjonov (Uzbekistan)
  • Vice President – Yuri Goldstein (Israel)
  • Vice President – Arno Uutma (Estonia)
  • Vice President – Nkhoma Suzgo Alpha (Malawi)
  • Vice President – Alexander Katz (USA)
  • Treasurer – Kirill Hainyuk (Belarus)
  • Secretary General – Antonina Langina (Russia)
  • Tournament Director – Alexander Nikiforov (Russia)
  • Team Leader – Dmitry Tsinman (Russia)


The International Draughts Federation holds world championships among men, women, boys, girls, veterans, teams.

World Championships for men and women are held in odd years.

World Championships among boys, girls, veterans and teams are held annually.

Championships among boys and girls are held in age groups:

  1. Juniors – 23 years and younger (from 2017, 26 years and younger)
  2. Juniors – 19 years and younger
  3. Cadets – 16 years old and younger
  4. Junior cadets – 13 years and younger
  5. Hope – 10 years and younger
  6. Young hopes – 8 years and younger

Championships among veterans are held in age groups:

  1. Veterans of men – 50 years and older
  2. Veterans of men – 60 years and older
  3. Veterans of women – 50 years and older

The World Cup is held annually in 6-7 stages. The World Cup competitions are held in Brazilian, Italian, Russian, Czech and Portuguese.

In 2016, 7 stages of the World Cup were held in Russia, Italy, France, Portugal and Israel. The competition was attended by over 250 players from 38 countries.

Under the auspices of the International Draughts Federation, continental championships are held.

European Championships for men and women are held in even years.

European Championships for boys and girls are held annually.

Asian Championships are held in conjunction with the Asian Drafts Confederation.

In 2016, the first African championship was held in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka.

Under the umbrella of the International Draughts Federation, various international draughts-64 tournaments are held in different countries.

In 2016, draughts-64 were first presented at the TAFISA World Sports Games in Jakarta (Indonesia).

In 2018, the first PanAmerica Draughts-64 Championship was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica.