Mongolian checkers

Mongolian checkers

Mongolian Checkers is a two-player draughts game played by the Mongolian people. There are two ways to play Mongolian Checkers: Lian Er and Fan Lian.

Checkers board and pieces

The checkerboard is a five horizontal and vertical cross lines, and three diagonal lines from southeast to northwest, southwest to northeast, and a rhombus with a cross inside it. The game is played with 10 or 12 pieces on each side.

Mongolian checkers rules

  • When playing with ten pieces are used, each piece is placed on the bottom and bottom row nearest to your own side. If twelve pieces are used, the other two pieces are placed on the corner of the diamond near your side.
    • Any piece must move along the line.
  • Each turn, the player can choose one of two options:
    • Jump and capture: Any enemy piece that skips an adjacent point lands on the close empty point in the same direction, you can jump continuously and change the direction. After the move is over, remove all jumped enemy pieces out of the board at the end the turn.
    • moves: Moves must be to empty adjacent fields.
  • To win the game you have to capture all your opponent pieces
  • You can make multi-jumps and change the direction of your move after each capture.